So people understand what this is...

It's my birthday today, so yesterday I decided to bake myself a birthday cake. I've never baked a cake before, and certainly not a keto birthday cake (which this is) .

This is my attempt at doing so.

But it looks... awful. There is a cooking show called Nailed It! (!) where the humor comes from amateur bakers trying to replicate complex designs. The tagline of the show is Nailed It!, hence my response at this lovely "birthday cake"

@emacsen 🎂 Happy birthday! I hope that your cake tastes good :)


happy birthday ! 🎉 🎊 🎈

As for your cake. baking cakes is hard and on top pf being your first time you made a keto one too !!

You set a quite high bar !!

Cheers !!

@emacsen happy birthday!! And nonsense, your cake looks really good. 😄

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