Let's all be serious for a moment and remember that anti-abortion fighting is really about denying poor women/girls the ability to get an abortion and thus keep them and their children stuck in a poverty cycle that makes them cheap labor.

Cutting off social services goes hand-in-hand with this policy to oppress.

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I want to say that I don't think *all* anti-abortion people think this way, but rather that the coolatition between the religious people who feel strongly and the anti-government right wing solidified under Regan were this.

There were eg Goldwater Republicans or modern day Libertarians who don't care about abortion, but the GOP has been able to create a successful coolation by framing this issue as one of morals rather than multi generational labor exploitation.

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@emacsen The "tell" is that they don't care about fertility clinics disposing of embryos. Life only "begins at conception" when and while there's a XX-chromosomed wrapper hosting it.

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