LGBT rights in Poland, police brutality 

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A Polish trans activist named Margot was arrested. Her "crime" is minor destruction of property (she cut up a tarp on a truck covered with vicious anti-LGBT propaganda).

Her pre-emptive arrest for two months was authorized by a court, despite the fact that such arrest, by Polish law, are meant to be used for people who are a flight risk or an immediate danger to others.

But wait, there's more.


LGBT rights in Poland, police brutality 


What many outside Poland may not realize is that this is part of a larger movement by the Polish government to erase people and views it doesn't like.

People who may not know may want to listen to:

It's illegal in Poland to speak out against many atrocities, including that most of my family was killed by Polish, not German soldiers during the Holocaust, and had our land stolen from us by the government after the war.

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