Spent 30 minutes trying to install Guix on my new laptop. The thing goes to the partitioning part, then goes back to the beginning :(

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@emacsen IIRC the 1.1.0 installer does have some issues. Have you tried a nightly image?

@brown121407 I couldn't get any of the nightly images to download!!!

@emacsen that's weird... Not even by using wget or curl in the terminal?

Unsolicited advice 

@emacsen What I found to be easiest is to read the documentation and examples for how to write a configuration from a comfortable environment, write it onto a USB stick, and then install manually using "guix system init config.scm" 🙂

@emacsen the NixOS installer works and starts you with a working config file ;)

@emacsen the guix CLI installation method is actually pretty approachable. Perhaps give that a try?

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