Facilitating my first HOPE workshop. It's on Yerba mate, which is a topic close to my heart.

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@emacsen I know almost nothing about that subject, do you have a written intro?

@shapr Yerba Mate is a plant found in South America (you probably got that by looking on Wikipedia) and that plant is made into a type of drink (usually a tea) by people. That drink is renound for being a "different kind of energy"

When we look at coffee, tea and yerba mate, my experience of the three is quite different.

I like the taste of coffee (especially with some cream and sweetener) but my bodily reaction to it is quite fast and intense. It's a burst of energy.



Coffee gives me the jitters, and an almost "I can't go too slow" feeling. like someone pushing on my accelerator pedal.

Tea is a similar but lesser feeling of the same. It's a bit like someone pressing down on the accelerator, but not down to the floor.

Yerba Mate, to my body, feels quite different. It's certainly "energizing" but without the jitters.

It's also a bit longer lasting for me, an extra 20-60 minutes worth of energy.



My experience of Yerba Mate is that it's a similar feeling to when I was prescribed Adderall. A cup of Yerba Mate feels not entirely dissimilar to the 5mg Adderall tablet, but I very much disliked taking Adderall because it meant going to a psychiatrist and also it had some emotional side effects that I had difficulty with. I may try it again in the future- our bodies and reactions change over time.

But back to Yerba Mate...



Yerba Mate gives me the stimulation I like for sustained effort and focus, a hightened emotional state (ie "I feel great") but without the frantic-ness feeling of coffee.

The challenge for me with Yerba Mate is finding a brand I like. I have tried a bunch and found one that I think is "OK", but even a great preparation is a little hard for me, so I'm always looking for new preparations.

I have a few preparations I've come up with. Maybe I should do a show about it?

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