Disappointed and a little heartbroken that Alec Watson of Technology Connections is such a jerk about Linux. :( He made a rude comment in a Tweet to me and then he put it in his video series.

@AbbieNormal It hurts because I really like Alec's shows.

Also he kinda reminds me of @cwebber

@emacsen @cwebber

I didn't know him

But the tweet you replied to is so focused on certain "metrics"

And when it comes to that, anything is fair game

I'm being pessimistic, these days

Sorry for your disappointment

@AbbieNormal I don't know if you're actually from the UK, but his show and his style is a little bit like the "Secret Life of" series by Tim Hunkin.

Except Alec is apparently a meanie!

@AbbieNormal Ooops, it was "The Secret Life of Machines".

Ah, and Italy, I don't know the shows there. :)

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