Heath, Rant 

I love soda, I love prebiotics, and I think Stevia is a great sweetener, but I'm frustrated at how these companies are using net carbs as a measure when they're using so much processed fiber. 19 grams of fiber in a can of soda?

Also it's been shown that this much Chicory Root can cause digestive distress above 30mg, and they have 20mg of the stuff per can!

Not that it matters because for someone whose FODMAP intolerant (like me) , Inulin is a Fructan.

Heath, Rant 

@emacsen That's insane! What country is this? The trouble is that the sweetening for sodas come from high fructose corn syrup. Corn is naturally high in fiber, due to the majority of it being pure cellulose (a hard to digest carbohydrate). During processing, they take all the cellulose and convert it into fructose, an very easy to digest natural sweetener, it's what sugar is partially made of. After processing, there is no cellulose left, thus it's false advertising...

Heath, Rant 

@emacsen to claim that the can contains any fiber, because it doesn't. That's like giving someone ashes and calling them napkins. Sure, they may have once been napkins, but they certainly aren't anymore.

Heath, Rant 

@Lofenyy To be 100% fair, Chickory Root is a soluble fiber, but it's certainly not in a form we normally associate with fiber.

My concern/complaint is that so many food companies jumping on the keto bandwagon use various fibers to manipulate their net carb count.

Chickory root *is* somewhat good for you, but I feel like the net carb count is where the complexity lies.

Heath, Rant 

@emacsen If by net carbs you're referring to the "deleting" of carbs by eating more fiber, then yeah.

That entire concept is complete woo. The advertising that you can somehow lose weight/energy by adding more is absurd. Fiber can't block the absorbtion of digestible carbs, I don't see how that makes sense.

Some go even further and claim that fiber can somehow delete carbs you've already absorbed. How woo can one get?

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