I have some very concrete ideas on how to make Jitsi much better that wouldn't be too hard to do, but would involve more time to invest than I have...

I wish there were more of me, or more hours in the day. Or if anyone wants to work on making Jitsi better and wants an idea on how, ping me I guess!

@emacsen I am not a programmer, so can't help in that sense.

What may be good is a break down of what programming languages / frameworks etc are used, and how people can go about learning these (lets assume we start with someone with minimal coding skills but wants to learn)

I can then perhaps put this on my blog and on the discourse forum to see if by collating this information it will help others help with the project in general

So if the project uses c++ then the codecademy course that teachers that could be a first step, which can at least be built on.

I would like to see this sort of thing expanded to other projects to try and get new blood in to the FOSS ecosystem.

@zleap This is simpler than that, I think.

I basically see the JWT module, and think one could slot in some OCAP primitives without too much trouble by using that and modifying Jitsi Meet (the frontend).

This is one of those "I'd love to pay someone to do this work." things because I bet it would take someone involved in the project less than a week. For me, it would take at least a month.

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