My Pinephone arrives today.

What are people's favorite Free Phone OS?

So far on my list to evaluate I have:

Ubuntu Touch
Sailfish OS
Graphene OS

Does anyone have experience with these OSes or Free phones?

@emacsen Ubuntu Touch. I have run it for years on my old original Ubuntu Phone by bq.

@emacsen Ubuntu Touch has been my favorite for the past few years and it's real solid. I have been playing with mobian though and it's looking pretty nice.

I've used Sailfish OS in the past and while there are somethings that are nice, it's not fully opensource and I don't have any trust in Jolla.

@emacsen I'll be interested to know what your experience with it is. If I can get one then I might try building apps for it.

I've run Sailfish. It's slick, but there are some issues that prevented it from being my daily driver. Chief among them: the only browser is garbage.

@emacsen Only with Sailfish, quite good ones. Friends of mine use Ubuntu Touch. I think the app situation there is even more desparate.

@emacsen Mine allegedly arrives Friday .. if Signal can be made to work on any of them, that would be a big bonus for me.

@meejah @emacsen running ubports here for quite a while. Android apps are possible through Anbox on my device. Axolotl Beta is a usable Signal client:

@nilsreichert @meejah @emacsen #axolotl is a very nice signal client. I've had some UI issues on #pinephone but have yet to find time to see if there is an existing bug report.

Things are coming together fast though!

Let's try to to find a way to prevent dev burnout though.

If you have some spare change, see if you can support one of these mobile OS's, or at least spare some time to tell them how much their work is appreciated.

@nilsreichert @meejah @emacsen I've been on the lookout for #anbox on #pinephone , have you seen anyone making progress there yet?

@charims @nilsreichert @meejah @emacsen Anbox works on some images, like postmarketOS. Signal will work for text messages if you use the APK (probably). But audio is still a problem.

@emacsen Ubuntu touch is getting close to usable on #pineohone. With 4G disabled on Ting, I can make inbound and outbound calls, but audio routing is still an issue at least as of a week ago.

Things are moving fast in ubports, but we are all going to have to practice some patience and hopefully find ways to contribute without slowing down the development team. I know they are working very hard right now.

@charims Thanks. I'm struggling a bit because the darn thing doesn't seem to work with my wifi!

I'm hoping maybe this can be fixed and then it'd be usable?

@emacsen Hmmm, WiFi works for me, though there is a bug about disconnects from WiFi that take a specific reboot cycle to resolve. Did you flash the latest build on it?

@emacsen Take a look at the ubports pinephone readme, they have a good list of what is/isn't working.

Specifically says it needs a warm reboot for WiFi.

Also, I do believe the battery must be installed (and the plastic tab on it removed) as the battery is required for WiFi.

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