*reads his Fediverse feed*

*begins editing the next Libre Lounge episode*

*Realizes he may need an asbestos suit because even as a lefty progressive, he believes that money is not a bad thing per se*

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WIthin a few hours of posting this, I lost a handful of Fediverse followers.

I'd rather people stop following me than send me mean messages, so I guess it's okay!

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@emacsen The greatest trick the capitalist ever played was convincing the world that money is the same thing as capital.

@jautero My thesis is that if my family had the money, it would have been able to escape the horrors of the Holocaust before everyone but just my grandfather and his sister were killed.

While I will always fight for equality and safety for all, if things go very badly, I believe that money is a mechanism to ensure personal safety.

@jautero @emacsen could you explain the difference to me? my perception is that capital is something (preferably useful) you amass, which can often be money and is often seen as relatively easily convertible into money.

@solarkraft @jautero I believe that any force when it is unchecked, is dangerous. Corporations are optimized to do bad, but we have democratic government to regulate them.

On the flip side, a government that controls all the aspects of a society- the election, the press, etc. is dangerous as well.

What we have now is corruption- in the US especially but also in many European countries. What we have is that the forces with money are using that moeny to silence truth and democracy.


@solarkraft @jautero But where I think about money and its utility is my family. A vast majority of the family on my father's side were killed in the Holocaust.

The people who have the most boring "Holocaust stories" are those that got out before the Nazis took over. They could escape to other places."

For me, having enough money to escape is safety.

And as a Jew whose family was largely killed, and who sees the rise of Antisemitism again, safety is important to me.

@emacsen ::high five:: from an anti-capitalist who believes money and markets are important tools in the right context.

@emacsen I wonder whether I have any followers who'd unfollow me if I said that
Then again I wonder why I have any in the first place

@emacsen I think I prefer the messages, because that may lead to something productive.


@emacsen I'm apparently left-wing by US standards and right-wing by UK standards, so I get it. 😅

I've found over time that the route to a quiet life is just sticking to LGBT politics, making fun of whoever's in power in my country, and not jumping into other peoples' mentions over ideological disagreements.

Being open-minded and listening to other peoples' worldviews and complaints about their lot in life has made me rethink a lot of stuff myself, so I've still grown as a person :)


@trechnex I'm a US far leftie, EU centrist, I think.

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