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This is probably the most important podcast I've listened to all year.

It's on the topic of the way that cultural purity has created a system that is unsustainable and a barrier to the very causes that many of us support.

We can keep our values without excluding and shaming others simply by association.

Please listen and share this podcast!

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Politics, Culture, Internet, Podcast 

@emacsen grabbed it, will listen later, thanks for the recommendation

Politics, Culture, Internet, Podcast 

@lufthans I generally love On the Media. It's a show I listen to weekly without fail.

I don't always agree with them, but I always have enormous respect for them.

Of course their podcast isn't Free as in Culture like ours is... ;)

Politics, Culture, Internet, Podcast 

@emacsen I enjoy On the Media

it fell out of my regular listen list a few years back, but I grab an episode once in a while

I thought about suggesting you add an "Edited by ... Serge" to LibreLounge, but figured no one would get it

Ha just looked at my downloads and LibreLounge has overtaken On the Media in terms of episodes listened to on this device :)

Politics, Culture, Internet, Podcast 

@lufthans It would be cute, but only about 50% of our listeners are in North America, so it would only be a small number of people who would get it.

This episode and the episode previous on the Bernie/Warren conflict are some of the best reporting of complex cultural issues I've seen in a very long time.

Their show is really something special.

Politics, Culture, Internet, Podcast 

@emacsen You would recognize it, which is more than I expected :).

I grabbed the previous episode now as well.

When I first started listening to OTM they were doing pretty good reporting into how the media works and covering good and bad media practices in practice

They then seemed to to go all fluffy, so they dropped off my regular list

I'll listen for a while again and see what I think

My time for podcasts also ebbs and flows

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