As a regular Yerba Mate drinker, I'm wondering if people would find my explanation on how I brew and drink it interesting?

Useful as a blog post? As a topic on @librelounge ?

@emacsen @librelounge I also drink Yerba Mate, but I don't do anything special while brewing it

should I be?

@FLOX_advocate @librelounge Well that's the question...

I've tried a bunch of differnent methods- in a metal gourd with a bombilla, as regular tea, with a french press, as a late, in storebought iced tea, as Club Mate, with different brands of Yerba Mate, and I think I've come to some conclusions that have worked for me.

I know some people also have Yerba Mate with fruit. I haven't tried that one yet.

The question is if anyone else will find what I have to say on the topic interesting.

@emacsen @librelounge I'm currently using a beaker diffuser for loose leaf

been happy with the beaker, which I picked up for use at TeaGL

I used pre-made bags before and often take some when traveling

I mostly drink other teas, but my yerba mate consumption has gone up considerably since you posted about it :)

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