Can any users show me how to find the new kanban in the new version? I'm on the demo site and I can't figure out how to access it.

Help greatly appreciated!

@emacsen Not sure this is already there, I also don't see it. Also, I can't currently find a reference in the documentation to it. Maybe they are still working on it?

@emacsen Well, this looks like the PR is still open, no?

@emacsen Huh? The PR is marked as open. Also, on master, e.g. models/error.go does not have the Projects changes shown in the PR commits. Also, the Changelog does not list #8346.

So, maybe I miss something, but what makes you conclude that the changes have been merged already?

@schaueho My apologies! I seem to have recalled it having been closed then re-opened.

I swear I thought it was in the latest release (as of a week or two ago).

Kanban is something I need and there's a deep question of using another kanban then tying it to whatever I use, or using a built in kanban.

I'd rather not need to work twice.

My apologies!

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