Does anyone know of an equivilent to Google Groups where I can get either free or low cost mailing list hosting?

I don't want to run it myself, or make something complex where I pay for hosting by someone to run Mailman for me. I just want to sign up and have a mailing list to meet my needs. used to offer this exact thing to projects, but AFAIK they're in perpetual sleep.

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From IRC ( is such an awesome channel), we also have and

So many awesome options!!!

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@mrb Another great option. My cup filleth over!

@emacsen I use (run by FramaSoft using Sympa software). It adds a mandatory English+French footer to each message with information on how to unsubscribe. It also rewrites the From: address to be from the list rather than the original sender's address (maybe this can be configured) - I guess to protect the privacy of individual subscribers.

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