What is a reasonable Bar Mitzvah gift amount in 2020?

My Bar Mitzvah was nearly thirty years ago and I got a lot of $18 and $36 amounts. I'm guessing double that? More? I have no idea about these things...

@emacsen excuse my ignorance but what is the significance of these "weird" amounts?

@splitbrain They're multiples of 18, which is the numerological value of Chai, which is Life.

@emacsen thanks. Re your question it depends on how close you are and your financial means. To a friend's kid I would probably give between 50 and 100 bucks. My own kid would get more.

@splitbrain I don't know this child at all. I know their grandparents, as a cousin (my mother's cousin). I've been to their home several times and they've been to mine, but not their children AFAIK and not any of their grandkids.

@emacsen @JordiGH I guess it depends on the grad of what relatives you are?! No clue tho.

Unhelpful facetious answer 

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