Made a political contribution to Bernie Sanders this morning after realizing that my support of Elizabeth Warren was thinking about who I "thought could win".

Warren is still great, but I want to support the candidat who most fits my views and values.

Bernie 2020

How it looks from outside thé US: Warren is a good person, Sanders has good politics.
Or, Saïd otherwise: Warren wants to do thé right thing, Sanders wants to do it the right way.

Not to forger that Warren will most probably have to keep the military tradition of killing innocent non-american people while maybe Sanders will be able to prevent it (yes, I may ne extremely naïve). And for non-américains it's suite an important issue...

@LienRag Just remember that the president is not able to do a lot of things without congress, and also the supreme court.

The president is not a king (no matter what some of them might say)

You are absolutely right but I dont get your point?


@LienRag My point is a new president won't fix the US. We need a new congress, and we need to get rid of the corruption in the system via money and jerrymandering.

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