Made a political contribution to Bernie Sanders this morning after realizing that my support of Elizabeth Warren was thinking about who I "thought could win".

Warren is still great, but I want to support the candidat who most fits my views and values.

Bernie 2020

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Would love if Mastodon supported editing posts, rather than just "delete and re-draft" so spelling errors wouldn't be there forever.

Does Pleroma support the Modify activity?

@emacsen do you think anyone should become a president when they are 70+ and had a heart attack? (irrespective of their ideas)


> irrespective of their ideas

Ideas and ideals are the key here.

It's also why I worked (albeit very briefly) on the Nader 2000 campaign.

If we just have an incremnetal "back to the status quo" (ala Biden), the US isn't going to be where it needs to be. It certainly won't fix the damage Trump and the others have caused.

Sanders is the politican we need to move us to being the society I know we can be.

@cwebber If I could update the post, I would change modify to update.

@emacsen not yet, but we will soon-ish, because delete-and-redraft is a really bad idea
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