Hate Crimes 

This doesn't even mention the anti-semetic attack on the subway last week....

Nor the attack in the deli in Jersey City, just across the river from NYC.

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Hate Crimes 

@emacsen I don't understand antisemitism. It perplexes me.

Hate Crimes 


I strongly recommend the series The Story of the Jews. It's both a book and a TV series:

While it doesn't describe everything, it covers the history of Jewish persecution better than any other series I'm aware of.

One of the common themes in the history of persecution of Jews is the question of what I'll call "loyalty tests". Non-Jews are always concerned with who Jews are loyal to, and they invent ways to imagine Jews aren't loyal to them.


Hate Crimes 

@emacsen They seem to come up with reasons to justify hate when there us no justification, but why does the hate exist in the first place?

Hate Crimes 

@Lofenyy I don't think anyone can answer that.

Hate Crimes 

@Lofenyy Loyalty tests aren't the only thing non-Jewish societities do or believe about Jews, but they're the modern attack.

This is why many Jews view the "Israel issue" as far more than just a question about a nation and its policies. It's a sort of loyalty test.

I'm not going to go into my own views on Israel- they're far too complex to discuss here.

But hatred is always about the outsider, and Jews are always outsiders.

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