People IRL "I wish I could play D&D"
Me: "Okay! Let's do it!"
Me: "We have a room booked and our start date is __ and time is ___"
People: "Too much pressure. I have no time. I quit!"

This has happened three time in the last few months.



I should mention this is me offering to GM, do all the prep work, make pre-gens, offer cheat sheets.

And when I suggest maybe using a simpler system being told "If it's not D&D proper, I don't want it".

After this third iteration, I'm somewhat frustrated.

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@emacsen Ifeel sad for you, if you are eager to play, and set everything up. You probably have spent time on it, at that time.

I think it became really difficult to play that kind of games today :/

When I think about the happy time spent and shared with my RPG fellows, I am eager to play again. However, I can't even imagine a timeframe to spare for that. Less even on a regular basis :(

So I switched to an online RPG Warhammer forum in french where the players like quality :)

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