I love the Esperanto language, but I found that its community was highly agressive and toxic. I still love the language, but have no interest in being part of its community.

Similarly, I love Lisp's beauty, but find the "classic" Lisp community full of petty argumentativeness and bitterness that every time I put my toe into the water, I'm reminded why I don't want to stay long:



This isn't always the case, though I've encountered it as much IRL as I have online.

The Guile folks at FOSDEM last year were a wonderful exception to this, and it was really great to meet some Lispers who weren't jerks. I just wish they weren't the exception, but rather the norm.

@emacsen in my experience this tends to be a lot worse with CL folks than other lispers. they seem to have more bitterness about how CL was supposed to be the "chosen one" but no one appreciates their brilliance, or something.

@technomancy I also saw some of it with Schemers who complain that Racket doesn't follow the standard.


@emacsen sounds like the problem is standards.

or rather, people who support the standards by assuming that anyone deviating from the standard is doing so because they aren't clear-sighted enough to recognize that it's already achieved perfection.

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