Is there a term for services that let you entirely replicate data such that being offline isn't an issue?

For example, when I use git, even if my git server is blown away, my local copy can simply override the central one.

Similuarly my imap syncronizes locally to a maildir, so if my imap server died, I'd be able to put it back.

This is how more things should work IMHO, and i"d love to know the nam ofthis feature so I can talk about it.

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@emacsen In your imap example, i think that would be a caching proxy.

As for the stored copy itself, local cache or local mirror works. Depends on the context.

@draeath I'm concerned proxy doesn't capture the functionality I'm expressing.

My IMAP example does a two way syncronization though, so it's not just a cache, it's a full usable copy.

Same with git. It's not just a cache but a fully functional copy with syncronization.

@emacsen it is "distributed" data, no?

Though "offline first" is awesome.

@paperdigits The tricky part about distributed is that it doesn't have a discreen meaning.

For example the fediverse is distributed. So are batch processing systems.

What I'm talking about is specifically two abilities:

1. That all the data from the server is located also on the client and can be used without connection to the server, essentially that they have a two way syncronization.

2. That the content of the server could be reconstructed by taking data from the client.

@emacsen i think "replication" is the right term there, specifically the multi-master kind

@tty Yes! THIS.

And I'll be if the first to admit that writing this kind of software is challenging, but it's really important. Thank you!

@tty @emacsen Happy about the fact that there's a term for this. I've been excited about using this kind of software for a long time but didn't know what to call it.

Expect me to be tooting a lot about #localFirst in the coming year. :blobcheer:

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