Here we have a person whose from an older generation expressing many of the ideas that we hope people would embrace around around gender and identity, and the headline they chose is hilighting his not understanding a very specific, modern term and using that as a way to ridicule him.

How about instead of that, we say "Wow this person is espousing the kinds of views we want people to have, even if they use a different vocabulary than many of us use today?

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@emacsen one of my favorite comedy bits is Patton Oswalt saying you have to look at people's heart and intent and don't just beat them up for not knowing the latest words. Because truly evil people know how to use all the right words to say evil stuff, and regular decent people don't use words good but mean well.

He pantomimes an example of an alt-right slick talker advocating a "biological imperative" versus a hick saying "I don't care if yer a f*g or a d*ke, none of my business"

@emacsen (he says it in the context of "I'm trying" -- we should obviously try to use sensitive language to not make people feel bad, maybe just let people know without lambasting them right away.)

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