I just found out that a friend of mine died just over two years ago.

That may seem like a long time not to know, but for the last ten years, I would reach out and not get anything back. Eventually I stopped trying.

Nonethless I have extremely fond memories of my friend, introducing him to a project he loved, and him sharing his passion for that project with me, and meeting his friends and family.

Goodbye Greg Schnitzer. I miss you.

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@emacsen Sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a good one to have, even if they were in the periphery.


@BalooUriza Thanks.

He taught me many lessons about what being good and kind looks like.

He also taught me what passion and dedication look like. He was passionate about Star Trek- so passionate that when I sent him a /. article about this online show called New Voyages, he became head of props.


I've had that happen too... Hope you get the chance to mourn and celebrate them all the same.


@emacsen I'm sorry for your loss. It's crazy how life and time works.

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