thanksgiving, diet, keto 

Thanksgiving outside the US isn't easy. It's hard to find all the ingredients, especially when it's all keto, but we have turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed cauliflour, stuffing, brussell sprouts, a pumpkin and pecan pie.

All of it is keto. We're def. not staying within the lines tonight, but we'll have food for days.


thanksgiving, diet, keto 

In case anyone is curious, the stuffing is a keto stuffing chaffles, and then adding in some celery, onion and sausage (and of course egg as a binder with turkey stock).

I think it and the pie are the biggest hits, and the best part is I can make more chaffles for thanksgiving sandwiches.

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thanksgiving, diet, keto 

Thanks for the explain.
I was curious. Don't understand Keto, but since we ate mostly the same menu, I wondered, are we keto? Apparently not...lotta sourdough rye bread in that stuffing. Gotta try some of them chaffles, though...

thanksgiving, diet, keto 

@bhaugen Most things I've mentioned are heavily modified.

There's no wheat flour, or sugar/honey in anything we're serving. It's all various alternative sweeterners for the pies, and the crust is coconut flour and or almond flour.

And the chaffles are made from cheese, cheese, almond flour and phylum husk.

The cranberries are really on the line about being keto or not, and the amount of onion is a bit high, but still low carb.

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