Visited the synagogue of the oldest congregation in the US today. 1654... Over a hundred years before the US became a country.

It's a Sephardic synagogue. It was also the first time my partner read Ladino with Hebrew characters.

If I had unlimited time on Earth, I'd learn Yiddish and I'd encourage her to learn Ladino. Sephardic culture is so different from what I grew up with yet and so vibrant and beautiful.

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@emacsen it looks modern Spanish for me. Ladino should be old Spanish.

@emacsen wow, never heard of Ladino actually. Seems really interesting.

@teslas_moustache Sadly it's (essentially) a dead language at this point, spoken only by a few people.

After the Jews of Spain and Portugal were killed or exhiled in the 1600s, many fled to Morocco, where they were welcomed (for a while).

But a few came to NYC apparently, and started the first Jewish congregation in the US.

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