Drinking Yerba Mate out of a gourd with a bombilla for the first time. What a big difference!

Still a little bitter for me. I might add some peppermint or cinnamon to cut through it, or maybe use a different brand of tea (this one is quite old- turns out I was using way too little for a long time too).

@emacsen if you add fruit juices to mate it’s called #terere, and it’s great!

@django I've heard of Terere. I don't drink fruit juice though (I do keto).

I could try to add some artificial juice flavor.

I will first try to get used to it.

I may also try something like bulletproof mate with a proper frother.

@django I'd have to give that some thinking. I can't add fruit juices because of Keto, but I can try some similar things.

I will try frothing coconut oil with it and making a sort of bulletproof yerba mate.

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