There are too many small items that Amazon has that make it nearly impossible to leave entirely, but I think with both Costco and Target stepping up their game, I may be able to eliminate needing Amazon for most items, and I think/hope that in the first half of 2020 I can get rid of Amazon Prime.

I've heard people who use Apple really like thier implementation of the W3C Payment Request API. Am wondering about it and privacy. Anyone have info to share?

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@emacsen I went cold turkey on Amazon and have yet to need to go back there for anything. What have you found you can't get elsewhere?

@freakazoid Nothing *impossible* but things that have been challenging to find:

- French lined notebooks
- Certain type of shampoo that I like that I can't buy in stores
- Certain keto products that are hard to find even online (
- Bulk soap, garbage bags, etc

And then some small specialized products that are just easier to find from them, like Rasperry Pi stuff, a cat tracker I liked, stuff like that.

@emacsen I ended up ordering RasPi stuff from CanaKit recently. They have a pretty decent selection. For the other stuff I'm surprised there aren't online boutique stores that carry it. One thing I do is just find the web sites of retailers who are selling through Amazon and buy from them directly.

@emacsen I should give target a shot.

I tried WalMart, but they would infuriatingly break my order up into a bunch of smaller shipments that would all arrive on different dates.

And they seemed to not do a good job of tracking whether they had inventory in stock -- everything would ship and then days later, I'd find out that one item is on back order.

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