I've been using PaperWM since last night and I love it. I think it may be the window manager i"ve been looking for all this time!

More to come but I think we finally have a winer!

@emacsen sadly is a GNOME extension, but looks interesting

@juacq97 It being a GNOME extension is a huge benefit to me. I am already using a ton of GNOME stuff and I need my window manager to work seemlessly with it

@sa0bse EXWM is very cool, but GNOME is my desktop environment, so everything needs to be fully GNOME compliant.

Also PaperWM is not a tiling window manger so much as a different way of working, similar to the NeoDesktop article/video I mentioned.

@emacsen looks very interesting. Definitely will check it later.
@emacsen I've been testing it for last 5 minutes and I'm impressed. This new approach to tilling is amazing. It's staying with me for next few days
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