concentration camps, rape, violence, China 

Witnesses talking about the way the Muslims are treated in Chinese concentration camps.

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concentration camps, rape, violence, China 

@emacsen This is very sad and I don't know what we as ordinary people can do about it besides raising awareness. Speaking to Chinese citizens we personally know, maybe.

This also resembles what I was reading about prisoners in stalinist regime, and the fact of these horrors repeating now is the most scary. They repeat somewhee else, but one can't be sure they can not repeat anywhere.

Stop buying Chinese products? Sanctions? They won't stop.

concentration camps, rape, violence, China 

@setthemfree It's certainly complex, but what I find most disturbing is how much China seems to get a pass in the collective consciousness.

For example, my high school was taking children on a school trip to China, and Hong Kong, up to a year or two ago.

Boycotting is weird when it comes to China because unlike western democracies, many companies in China are owned by the government, but OTOH China is so large that it's hard to avoid it.


concentration camps, rape, violence, China 

@setthemfree More importantly it's good to just get the word out and do small things when we can.

We can't let the attrocities that China is doing go unseen and unrecorded

concentration camps, rape, violence, China 

@emacsen Yeah, the most scary part is what happens in the minds of large numbers of people, especially in countries like China or Russia, where the mainstream media are under total control of the state and are used to inject hate and fear into the minds of the people (clearly Orwellian).

Living in Ukraine, I can see how different the truth is in Russia vs here. And often the actual truth is neither.

BTW, another China report:

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