I've begun reading academic papers and I have a fairly embarassing admission to make: I don't have the math background to understand many of them.

I have to keep a cheat sheet of symbols near me when I read them to be able to remember what they mean. Similarly, I understand log and sin, but I don't *grok* them, and I don't intuit math and I know it's holding me back

Does anyone have recommendations on resources? Maybe Kahn Academy? Something else?

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@emacsen You can learn a lot by reading the paper anyway and trying to understand small pieces. Even if the paper doesen't make complete sense, cited papers will be easier.

I don't have much resources in English, but I'd say a good approach would be to go to a university library and skim through analysis textbooks, until you find a few that suit your learning style. I personally find that physical books are really a plus in terms of learning.

Other than that, always keep in mind that reading articles is hard and challenging, so don't give up and you will eventually grasp all the concepts you need!

Oh and I assume that your cheat sheet mainly is about logic? If it is, just try to write classical definitions using that and you will remember them for sure!

@emacsen The first few chapters of Visual Complex Analysis (recommended by @JordiGH) are pretty accessible and might be a confidence booster. Sadly I never found time to keep going beyond that.

Maybe @JordiGH has recommendations for equally good books at an even more elementary level.

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