Today is the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. It's the day of self-reflection and atonement, and on this day, shooters around the world have targeted Jews.

When I say my people are under attack in large and small ways, this is no exageration. Please don't be part of the hatred towards Jews, and be mindful of the micro-agressions that we face and listen when a Jewish person tells you that something is antisemetic.

If you care, please pass this along.

@Lofenyy Do you have access to the article? It answers these questions.

If you don't, let us know so that we can copy it for you.

If you do, be especially mindful because this is the basis for @emacsen 's toot and denying it would be the exact kind of micro-agression that he warned against.

@vk @emacsen I read the article but still don't understand. No one just wakes up one day, decides they're a Nazi and attacks a random Mosque or Synagogue.

How does this happen? How is it possible to deny the holocaust, something so obviously real? How do these people decide that their fascists, and that the "antifa's" are out to get them? How do they possibly believe in something as stupid as white supremacy and all the related unrealistic conspiracy theories?

@Lofenyy @vk It depends on many factors. The scariest thing to me is it happening in Germany.

In the US I can see it easily. People can be convinced of lies, but Germans took the holocaust in, they did the work as a nation to reflect on it and see the harm.

So now, for this to happen... I don't know, and if can happen in Germany, it can happen anywhere.

@Lofenyy @vk And I think about these issues a great deal.

I think about "Where is safe?" a great deal.

Not France, the country where I was born. Antisemitism is rampant.

The US? My beloved NYC has had many attacks on Jews, especially in the last two years, post Trump.

Canada? It's safer... I don't fear violence. I do have some concerns but they're less. Historically though, Canada has not been so great and I worry it may go back to its past.

I worry about being safe essentially every day.

@emacsen @vk Why is antisemitism rampant in France? Isn't Germany still okay?

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