A year ago, a week before my 40th birthday, I went on the scale and was horrified by what I saw.

This year I've learned more about nutrition and the science of metabolism than I ever have in my life.

Sticking to my eating plan, I lost 35lbs. I went off for two months and it took me another two months to lose what I'd put on, so won't be making that mistake again!

I have a long way to go before I'm of normal weight, but I'm steadily losing and my blood numbers are great!

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re: Body/Weight/Diet 

@emacsen do you practice intermittent fasting?

re: Body/Weight/Diet 

@11backslashes I have a loose restrictive eating window of between 6-8 hours. Usually that means not eating until noon. Occasionally I'll eat a little earlier, 11am or so.

I've found that some drinks help me keep the fast longer (and I'm happy to elaborate if you want).

I did one 24 hour fast and found that extremely challenging. I've been considering it again but it's not something I think I'll do often (not like some rockstars who can IV every other day).


@emacsen congrats on sticking to something that many find v v hard!


@ebel The absolute biggest lesson I've learned is that so many diet books and diet advice doesn't work for some people.

Before my current plan, I did four other "diets" and each one of them caused me problems ranging from extreme hunger and even getting headaches and the shakes, to constant abdominal pain, other digestive issues, so finding something that works for my body specifically has been a huge thing.


@emacsen yay “know theyself” and all that.

I'm currently dieting, and have also lost lots of weight. I initally did a “low(ish) carb” diet, cause lots of things I like are carb-y (like bread & pizza & chips), but I've just morphed that into a general “eat less” diet, and it's going very well. I weigh myself ~daily, so seeing the numbers helps motivate me, it means I'm able to eat smaller portions, cause I'm seeing the results.

That's what's working for me.


@emacsen Curious what you learned that was the most surprising/helpful. Regular morning exercise is big for me (although I haven't been keeping up lately).


@elplatt For me understanding that "a calorie is not a calorie" was the most helpful.

Some people simply go by "Calories In and Calories Out", CICO, and that does work for them, but understanding that 100 calories of cake and 100 calories of broccoli are not processed the same way by the body has been a huge thing for me, not just in terms of nutrition, but in terms of the way the body uses the food, and the hormonal effects of the food.


Weight is a really bad indicator of health. Body fat percentage is better, but still not great. How you feel is probably the best indicator. If you feel energetic, relaxed and strong, probably you are OK. If you feel tired, weak and irritable, you probably need to fix your diet and training.

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