@emacsen I belief in equal rights, and in rights for all life forms.

I believe that the 'nation state' concept is a terrible idea, for all of states alike.

I would not call for dissolvement of any unilaterally except my own, to start with.

Do you really want me to unfollow you?

@janneke The really hard part is how you apply equal rights.

Let me give you a separate example, lower taxes. In the US many people are for lower taxes. Some of us want lower taxes to apply to poor people first, and others want it to apply to rich people and business first.

If you're one of the former, they call you a Democrat, and if you're the later, they call you a Republican.

Similarly, if you dislike all countries, good luck with that, but as you say, maybe start with your own.

@emacsen ....I take.that as a "no" then, thanks.

Yes, discussing strategies is useless before agreeing about the goal. Many people are fine with higher taxes, if it suits their goal.


@janneke I just mean if you hate all countries as countries, that's weird but okay. But if you *only* want Israel to disappear, maybe I'm the wrong person to follow.

On another note, I think @dthompson was having some trouble with yogurt. I believe you have a good recipe. ;)

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