Telling Jews that there is no justification for the state of Israel is like telling Native Americans that there's no justification for reservations.

@emacsen Well, the difference is the other is based on people living there for thousands of years, the other based on stories someone wrote and people migrating there because of those stories...

@jaywink I can't tell if this is a bad attempt at humor. You're saying that Jews haven't lived in the land of Israel? Jerusalem and all its history are... What exactly?

@emacsen Hah, no of course not. Wasn't structured very well, written quickly on the phone. I suppose my point was that the Jews are only a small part of the history of that area, unlike the native indians who were much more dominant in north america. The claim to the state of Israel is however blown out of proportions by religion, compared to the time of history they've been a major culture in the area, which I guess was my point.

@emacsen I generally dislike nationalism, patriotism and religion, and thus easily get annoyed when people talk about rights to a state or some piece of land, anywhere, were it the Jews, the Muslim or the Christians or anyone else.

We all have a right to live on this planet. And we should all have the right to live where we want to. If you say something otherwise, you're wrong and we don't need to continue this discussion, because there is nothing to discuss.

@jaywink There are three issues here that I see:

1. Jews *have* been part of the area, and continually, for about 3.000 years. Continually.

2. Jews have been killed everywhere they are and need a place that's not the case.

3. The argument that Jews don't get israel because they've been out of it is *just* like reservations, which had scattered populations then put into an area.

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