As of right now, I have 470 followers on the Fediverse and 674 Twitter followers.

Once my Fediverse followers number exceeds my Twitter followers count, I'll migrate off Twitter.

@emacsen I’m struggling to get my friends to migrate over. The moment I jumped in here, there was no more being okay with using Twitter.

@alex There's an old post that I have somewhere that is about getting friends and others to use Signal. All I had to do was tell them: "Install this". I didn't go into all the details about Freedom and crypto, just follow the link and install it.

Telling people how before why seems to work well for me. They're used to proprietary stuff, which works despite being evil.

So...I can point people to and get them to find an instance, or I point them to an instance myself.

@alex In your case, just tell them make an account on your instance! :D

@emacsen That’s what I’m doing now! Hoping that after a while it hits a critical mass for network effect. In other words, it *feels* like a happening place for people they know.

@emacsen I had like 45k Twitter followers before they suspended me. Long way to go on Fediverse...

@lukedashjr I don't actually care that much about the number so much as the parity.

I got rid of Facebook because it was evil. Twitter hasn't shown itself to be nearly so evil, so I'm in no rush.

Reddit, OTOH, is trickier (more evil but more useful). I'm considering deleting my account there too.

But I want some kind of metric to use for prioritizing. This is where followers count comes in for me.

@emacsen Some of my followers are asking me to just delete the tweet Twitter suspended me over. 😞

@lukedashjr Are you comfortable sharing what the contents of that tweet were?

@emacsen "If you try to take our guns, you DESERVE to be shot!"

It's no different than saying "if you try to rape me, you deserve to be shot" or really even "I have a right not to be raped" (since to say you can't defend yourself, is to say you don't have a right)

@lukedashjr There's a lot to dissect there. First and most importantly, it's incitement of violence. It's saying that "if you try" - and try is anyone who is a law enforcement officer, anyone who is a politician, anyone who is an activist. You're telling your followers that those people deserve to be murderered.

The rest is secondary- regarding your false equivilence of owning a deadly weapon to being sexually violated. It's wrong, and it's also disrespectful to rape victims.

@emacsen Self-defense is not murder, and the aggressor does indeed deserve to be killed.

Private property (especially firearms which are necessary to defend yourself) is just as much a right as not being raped is.

@emacsen Put simply, gun confiscation is something we should literally fight a civil war to prevent.

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