@Gargron I'd argue that for 0 posts/0 followers/created within last N days/hours, 50-100 is a reasonable follow limit.

@rosnovsky @Gargron There's no indication in the Followers Collection of when the Actor was added, so that doesn't really work.

@emacsen @Gargron Yeah, I see now. But doesn't it make sense? I mean, if you're on the platform for 10 minutes, didn't post anything, have no followers (obv), and trying to follow 100+ people, chances are you are a not here to support a vibrant and healthy community :/

@rosnovsky @Gargron It depends what the goal is.

It's suspicious activity, but that's only because we're now used to that pattern being suspicious. To defeat it, all I'd have to do is create accounts and keep them around a week or a month.

This is why rule based systems fail, and even behavior based activity eventually fails, even for the big guys like Google and Facebook- the attackers can learn what "normal" looks like and replicate it.


@rosnovsky Removed Gargon because he's already seen this.

@cwebber and I made a podcast about actual solutions to these problems last week.


This is how we address these problems, not by biting around the edges.

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@emacsen Subscribed and downloaded, will listen on my commute home.

While we are at it, what's your favorite #Linux/#FOSS #podcast?

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