Do you want to see spam and hate speech off the Fediverse? Think there must be a better way than continuing to click Mute and Block all the time?

On this episode of Libre Lounge, Chris and Serge talk about the work they're doing to protect the Fediverse from Spam, Scams and Online Harasment.

@librelounge I haven't listened to the episode, yet, but this has been bothering me for a while, since the mute/block approach means that there's a world of difference between the community established members see and the trash newcomers are going to see, which isn't exactly the best foot forward.

@jcolag @librelounge
Can't a spammer grind "stamps" before spamming? It might be hard to grind stamps without revealing your identity, even the way you type could reveal your identity.

Anyways, the idea seems better as the current one. We will see what it becomes, but I currently support the idea (my opinion can still change though).

@librelounge @rmw @jcolag @emacsen Stamps are just *one* mechanism of adding "friction" to interactions you don't have an established relationship with.

That said, yes, you could grind stamps. Grinding stamps still means that you're wasting resources to send unwanted messages, which is better than present, which is free. (Plus, you can *still combine* with present mechanisms; we aren't throwing anything away.)


@librelounge @rmw @jcolag @emacsen But, grinding stamps may turn out to be a waste of your resources... it depends on how you get them.


- If they're tradeable, then they're more valuable, and you're literally wasting money (and enriching the person you're trying to antagonize) to send them.
- Alternately, there's the solve-a-puzzle mechanism to get stamps. This mechanism doesn't mean the person gets enriched, but it does mean that grinding is more worthless

@librelounge @rmw @jcolag @emacsen For the solve-a-puzzle mechanism, consider if it worked like this (what I call "ephemeral postage stamps" or "ghostage stamps"):

- Every user can specify what stamps they accept
- By default, every user's instance runs a "postage stamp dispensor"
- You can get stamps by yes, grinding against some puzzles to get them
- But they expire after say, a month
- What if you hoard a lot to unleash a spam wave? User can "restart" postage dispenser, they're worthless now

@cwebber @librelounge @rmw @emacsen Three questions, here:
1/ How does this work for public areas, flooding the timeline with spam or hate?
2/ Would anyone really accept a micropayment system? Seems like we've been promised them forever and nothing has worked.
3/ If widely adopted, what prevents centralized spam-houses from going wherever there's cheap power and burning heaps of fuel, like cryptocurrency mining already does? And would that solution disrupt real messages?

@jcolag @cwebber

1. Public timeline is addressed in other parts of my paper, specifically MultiBox. I think Chris took that proposal and put it into thiers too. Did you happen to read the whitepapers?

2. We never mentioned micropayments. I think money here is a potentially bad idea.

3. If stamps are limited in time and value and can be nullified, it's not going to stop them, but it will make it a pointless excercise.

@emacsen @cwebber Do you have a link to the whitepapers? I haven't seen them.
And certainly excuse the term "micropayment" if it doesn't fit, and maybe it's a lack of vision on my part, but I can't see an approach to electronic stamps that isn't a micropayment service, especially where the recipient gets some benefit.


@jcolag @cwebber The whitepapers are linked in the show notes, from the original post:

I'll reply to your stamps questions in a second reply (but I think the last one I'll do on this thread)

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