I'm seeing a shocking amount of anti-semitism on my feed- not from the right, but from the left.

I'll say this clearly:

If you hate Jews, please unfollow me.

If you think Israel doesn't have the right to exist, please unfollow me.

If you use Zionist as a slur, please unfollow me.

@emacsen People need to use their words a lot better. It's one thing to not approve of the Israelis' handling of the West Bank and Gaza, but turning that into an attack on all Jews is ridiculous.

@4deuces I agree. I was hopeful that the Israeli government would change hands after the last election, or that the alliance would fall apart and we would see an administration who wants real peace, but that is very different from being anti-Israel.

I don't believe that 49% of Israeli voters are anti-Israel either!


Disturbing, but seems to be the "in" thing globally. In India, conflating Muslims with Pakistan has been rising inexorably.


oh, look at that. you are a fascist!

i'll make sure to let everyone know.

@lyliawisteria @emacsen seems like an overly aggressive interpretation. I mean, critics of Israel could still use the word Zionist as descriptive. Although i suppose is easy to catch that word out of context and assume?


If you think Israel doesn’t have the right to exist

Israel doesn’t have a right to exist just like any state doesn’t. It’s not antisemitic to criticize the state of Israel for oppressing Palestinians. But I guess you don’t care about them. Your nationalism is more important to you.

@dtluna If you don't think that *any* country has the right to exist, then there's nothing to discuss.

I believe the US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Thailand, etc. all have the right to exist.

We can change the situation regarding the two state solution without questioning the right for the state of Israel to exist.

@emacsen States are oppressive institutions that have given us two world wars in the previous century alone. All justifications for state violence are ridiculous.

@emacsen And yes, “Zionist” should be a slur just like a “nationalist” or a “statist” should be.

@emacsen States are responsible for the copyright, the climate crisis and the continued existence of capitalism. There is simply not a single good reason to think that any state is legitimate.

@emacsen I belief in equal rights, and in rights for all life forms.

I believe that the 'nation state' concept is a terrible idea, for all of states alike.

I would not call for dissolvement of any unilaterally except my own, to start with.

Do you really want me to unfollow you?

@janneke The really hard part is how you apply equal rights.

Let me give you a separate example, lower taxes. In the US many people are for lower taxes. Some of us want lower taxes to apply to poor people first, and others want it to apply to rich people and business first.

If you're one of the former, they call you a Democrat, and if you're the later, they call you a Republican.

Similarly, if you dislike all countries, good luck with that, but as you say, maybe start with your own.

@emacsen ....I take.that as a "no" then, thanks.

Yes, discussing strategies is useless before agreeing about the goal. Many people are fine with higher taxes, if it suits their goal.

@janneke I just mean if you hate all countries as countries, that's weird but okay. But if you *only* want Israel to disappear, maybe I'm the wrong person to follow.

On another note, I think @dthompson was having some trouble with yogurt. I believe you have a good recipe. ;)

@emacsen so you don't think that the actions of some ultra-orthodox jews/political parties in israel are not as much responsible as some of the more extreme arab factions for the crisis in the region?

@emacsen can you link to an example of a posting that you deem anti-semitic? Just to understand where you draw the line.

@emacsen I definitely do not hate Jews (or any other ethnic or religious group, for that matter). But I do think Israel does not have the right to exist (and I do boycott Israeli products). So, I feel compelled to unfollow you. Have a nice day.

@stardipa I'm always happy to block a hateful bigot like you!

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