supports Groups. I'm wondering if anyone has developed something like a mailing list for AP yet?

I want to have a technical group ala a mailing list.

Anyone know of anything like this yet?


Not yet, but soon. As in later this year

I'll have group actors in Sputnik Opphuichi and message routing with envelope rewriting in the queue software

Compatibility with current services is the difficult part. Sending and receiving messages isn't a problem, but Mastodon and Pleroma users won't be able to manage their subscriptions in ActivityPub. They'll need a fallback in the form of a web interface or Majordomo commands



Very exciting.

re: Compatibility- Are you planning on a new vocabulary so that "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" are new verbs?

Anyway I'd love to learn more.

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My opinion on ActivityPub extensions is that ActivityPub C2S is Turing Complete and therefore sufficiently expressive for any computation, so the best way to add functionality in the ActivityPub ecosystem would be to promote end to end ActivityPub, implement new features with existing vocabulary, and publish extensions to make implementation easier once the feature is mature

Some distribution patterns can be implemented with Follow*, but other patterns and administration will require additional Collections

Add and Delete will work with a Subscriber Collection just add well as a Subscribe Activity would

I should do an architecture document. There are a lot of expectations inherited from mailing lists and I think it's important to reproduce the desirable features and incorporate the lessons from 30+ years of email history

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