We're phasing OStatus out of Mastodon (we've supported it 2 years longer than we've used it) which removes a lot of cognitive load from further development of features and maintenance #mastodev

There is a new optional feature in the master branch called authorized-fetch mode, which requires all fetches of ActivityPub resources to be signed, which in turn allows to reject fetches from domain-blocked servers.

Enabling this right now is not a great idea because current Mastodon versions don't sign all requests, so some functions would be impacted, a slow roll-out is advised #mastodev

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@Gargron Signed can mean many things, so would you mind elaborating on whether you mean HTTP Signatures, Signed JSON-LD, or something else?

I'd like to include any new techniques in my whitepaper on unwanted message on the fediverse (have you read it?)


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