This is a draft of what I'll hopefully be submitting to Rebooting Web of Trust. If anyone would like to take a look, constructive feedback welcome:

@emacsen Hey, thanks for putting this all down on paper! some thoughts:

- I don't understand what ocap inboxes achieves over the current ability of moderators and users to block individual actors. how does this meaningfully improve spam-fighting abilities?

- You mention two methods for "Closing the Relay Hole", which both seem very similar to the discussion on You seem to gloss over the backwards-compatibility issues though—have you put thought into how you would implement this?

@emacsen A couple of your proposals seem like they would limit too much—the pet names proposal seems to boil down to "don't allow replies from people who don't follow or aren't followed by people you follow or are followed by", which seems like it would basically get rid of the local and federated timelines and any interaction on those timelines.

@emacsen one note about the "Bounce Messages" thing is that nearly many activitypub implementations process activities asynchronously in some sort of job queue, so it's impractical to expect them to be able to provide a synchronous error message (which is why mastodon uses 202 Accepted as our status code when processing activities)


@nightpool Because of the ascynonous nature of delivery, I suggested a Promise type for later looking up a message's delivery status.

Do you feel that the suggestion about Bounce Messages should be eliminated in favor of always just handing out Promises?

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