Grammarly is proprietary and evil, but when writing, I find it can be very helpful to have something check my grammar and writing style.

Do folks know of a Free Software equivalent? Extra points if there's either an Emacs or Code plugin!

@emacsen My approach is to do without software, and publish whatever I've written, and tell everyone it's perfect.

I've gotten fixes within minutes sometimes.

The best time was when someone took what I'd written to their parent, who's an English teacher, and mailed me a hardcopy with copious red marks on it.

@emacsen But joking aside, I don't know of any free software for that. It would be helpful if it exists. If you find anything, plese re-toot.

@emacsen @liw Incidentally, Grammarly tried to recruit me to work there by bragging about how they were helping dudes appear more educated on dating sites so that they could get dates with women who care about such things.

@liw @emacsen Because apparently they took the wrong message away from Cyrano de Bergerac.

@emacsen Are these points GNU Bucks? Just kidding.

Maybe we should make our own software for grammar check. If done right, it could be very popular.

@emacsen what's about spellcheck + aspell? I use it with org mode, it's simple and maybe not so "smart" but helps you to find errors on your text.

@emacsen I've worked as a Sw Test Group Leader for a corp where it meant being copy editor 4 the manuals. There's no substitute for a human editor cos if you write enough you'll write w/ rhythm,.

Be your own editor, at a minimum read Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr + OWL . Plus leave it for a week, change the line length + print out. The Oxford English Dictionary on CD (under Wine) and Garner's Modern English Usage r essential refs.


I'm asking a specific question to meet a specific need.

I'm guessing you probably thought that your response was helpful, but it was actually actively harmful and ableist.

@emacsen As I too am disabled and wouldn't want to repeat the same mistake would you please explain how I was ableist?

@pithi Sure.

Making the assumptions that spelling and grammar errors are just a matter of "work harder" is not going to work with me. I can't spell check and the detailed work of grammar editing is excrutiatingly slow.

I can either do the work myself, which takes me 3-4x as long as someone else, or get software to do it.

But not everyone is able to just "do it themselves". I can't.

@emacsen Thanks for the clarification. My apologies again, I was assuming you lacked knowledges.

In terms of grammar checkers in FLOSS, Debian buster carries

link-grammar (from CMU)

malaga-mode is for 'language analysis' which might relevant.

@emacsen LanguageTool has been completely free and is now freemium. Plus, it has way better results than Grammarly.

@ovidius It does indeed seem less evil than Grammarly.

It doesn't seem to give me better results though. What are you doing to get those better results, or how are you measuring?

@emacsen Grammerly has many false positives and its grammar check gives me less advice than LanguageTool. As a bonus LanguageTool works well with bilingual text.

@emacsen BTW I found that Emacs integration of LanguageTool was not that great when I tried last time.

I'm neither software nor free, but I can be as anal as anything when it comes to grammar and spelling.

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