I have a sizable DVD collection that it's time to rip to the computer. I still believe in owning your media, but the convenience of online services makes it easy to stop caring about these things...

For the arguments about the environmental impact of physical media- I agree, but DRM and "streaming" make it such that only by owning your media can you be assured you'll have it!

My biggest pet peeve are DVD/Blu-Ray companies who choose to put their episodes out of order on the disks.

I'm looking at you Warner Bros. and your Justice League Unlimited Complete Series (among others)!

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@emacsen I feel like if I follow this thread long enough I'll get the full story of your descend into madness as you get into more and more obscure scenarios trying to rip all your media 😂

It gets worse when you get to the DVD's with horrible encoding that takes forever to transcode into something re-playable and you end up spinning up a giant server in some cloud to do it faster 😅


@rune It's not so bad. For DVDs, I'm simply using MakeMKV to rip them. With ~12tb of storage, I can go ahead and keep them in their original form.

For the Blu-Rays, I have decided to run some post-ripping re-encoding.

I don't own any more CDs, sadly. They were lost in a series of bad situations.

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@emacsen Ah, that should keep you afloat for a few weeks 😄

Are you doing any kind of RAID or a separate backup?

I can't be bothered to back mine up, but I've had a few disks fail on me, so I always keep redundancy through RAID.

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