Ive seen a lot of chatter on and for weeks in the Fediverse that software freedom only makes sense if everyone can code.

People seem to forget that Stallman has proposed extensively that people ought to be able to contract, negotiate or otherwise work with programmers to get their desired features/fixes in code. There never was and never has been an expectation for most people to be programmers.


@trashHeap While you're right that this is a common misunderstanding of what Stallman said, it's also an issue that needs discussing and addressing, because it underlies privilege.

Only wealthy people can afford programmers, and people working 60 hours a week can't afford the time to learn.

@emacsen true and honestly the Foss community has been terrible at finding avenues for collaborating with non programmers. They/we need to improve.

But thats also not the conversation im seeing most often.

@emacsen @trashHeap Even if they took the time to learn, they wouldn't have the time to dive into the code of free programs either like @rune said. At some point you have to trust some intermediary, even in the FOSS world.

Heck, even I am a professional developer, and I can't understand the programming of most free software I use because they aren't built with the technology I'm trained with.

@hypolite @rune @emacsen @trashHeap oligopolistic - learn a new word everyday - yeah that is what we have, just enough competition to keep corps from decaying into mush

@hypolite @rune @emacsen @trashHeap community - this is an important word that I have been thinking about in the context of politics - is there a difference between society and community? society is easy to define in evolutional terms because it is the spiritual leap when the families and friends such as tribes pull together for the greater good with a high rate of symbolism written as children's stories aka religion

@hypolite @rune @emacsen @trashHeap community on the other hand, has the "comm" as communism and is for the "common" good, which sounds good if you are communo-socialist (RMS?) But 'common' is an insult if you are not common, such as the wealthy or intellectual elite, so like who wants to be common? certainly not free/open programmers

@hypolite @rune @emacsen @trashHeap community in the political sense is the people encased in territorial demarcation who expect democracy from such things a elections, which are highly problematic - so the nominally-spiritual idea of social grouping (into society) with people who naturally gravitate seems the best way to attach to the wider population, who should also be society rather than community

@hypolite @rune @emacsen @trashHeap f* voting that is an oli-whatever trick - gravitate into workgroups of interest, encourage interest in things that are different such as POV - form a communication system (rotate communicators) and achieve through a consensus of effort towards agreed upon 'best outcomes'

@hypolite @rune @emacsen @trashHeap that is how I see RMS, kinda spiritual communism (we have a really limited vocabulary for social classification)

@hypolite @rune @emacsen @trashHeap another problem is a dearth of women - just a few transgendered and sexy-selfie-takers looking for money - that is REALLY a problem when you think that the only people to actually ever comprehend social cohesion where these four - which may be where RMS got his ideas, and admit it, his ideas worked

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