I was really enthusiastic about WASM for a while, but it's going to make it a lot easier to make and distribute proprietary software. It could end up being devastating to the free software movement. Any thoughts, @cwebber or @emacsen ?

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I think I may have the answer: free hosting of free software web apps, with donation/subscription buttons and some kind of libre storage option, e2e encrypted of course. Maybe with a JS implementation of Tahoe-LAFS? I should track down Zooko and see if I can get him to put down ZCash long enough to find someone to implement that.

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@freakazoid @cwebber Have you looked at Chris's Golem? I'm reimplementing it in Python

I have looked at it. I assume you're thinking as an app distribution platform? It doesn't look like it'd necessarily be good for personal/private data from apps.

For hosting, I am thinking of something centralized and run by a nonprofit, since it should be as easy as possible to use both for developers and end users, and it should provide extra services like CI and CD in order to encourage people to use it and distribute their source as required.


@freakazoid @cwebber I don't know what you mean. Maybe I don't understand what you want to do.

@emacsen Sorry, I thought your mention of Golem was in reference to what I was saying about the free hosting of free software web apps. Can you elaborate on how you think it relates to WASM's potential impact on software freesom?


@freakazoid @emacsen I think talking about the impact of WASM/WASI assuming it succeds on free software would be a great LL episode topic

@freakazoid @cwebber Yes, I think Golem/Magenc (or what I want to call Data Shards) is a good way to store such things as software and also private data.

It's something I'm looking into doing as well.

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