fern: a curses-based Mastodon client github.com/enkiv2/fern (by @enkiv2)

This is really neat! Love that the fediverse has a wealth of different clients with different philosophies.


@nolan @enkiv2 I would love if Mastadon would support the ActivityPub C2S protocol and then such a project could be used with a wide variety of services!

@emacsen @nolan @enkiv2
I'm using Mastodon.py for connecting to the server, & it may be that this library has wider support -- I'm not really sure. Ask Halcy? I'd love to be able to claim that fern works with pleroma but I really have no idea.

@enkiv2 @nolan This is a Mastodon server issue.

The AP spec specifies a client to server protocol right in it, but Mastodon chooses to do its own thing instead, fragmenting the community.

@emacsen @enkiv2 @nolan
Right. But, I have no idea whether or not the library I'm using works around the incompatibility (ex., by querying the server version & submitting different kinds of requests based on different implementations). I had the impression it needed to do this to support different releases of mastodon, which have breaking API changes between them.

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