Bloomberg thinks that Microsoft has won over Open Source. I can't speak for them, but they certainly haven't won over me or any Free Software folks I know.

Every action they've taken is in line with their Halloween Document goals. They've embraced through acquisition, and they've put themselves in the line of information and fiscal flow through controlling Github and now this payment system.

The risk to our community by them taking it away is too great to ignore.

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There is a way for Microsoft to show that they're good actor in the space- by relinquishing control and placing core things in the hands of non-profits like Software Freedom Conservancy.

Once they separate out the control from the financial, I'll be much more willing to believe them, but based on their history, it's hard to accept that now.

They could also do something like GSoC. That would also be a great benefit. They already let OSM use Bing Imagery, so it wouldn't be a huge leap.

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I'm enjoying using Sourcehut from @sir instead of github these days.

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