One of the things I've realized lately is how, even if you don't want to self-host your services, how incredibly cheap it is to have private communication- email, instant messenger, calendar, file hosting, etc.

All without tracking and without ads for less per month than people pay for streaming services.

@emacsen True, but now the problem I have is none of my loved ones will use those services instead of iMessage, Gmail, Instagram,...


@crispy I''ve found with family members or friends that intellectual explanations don't work, but just saying "This is what I use now" does.

For a gaming group, they all used WhatsApp and were thinking of making a group just for that on there. I don't use WhatsApp. I told them "I use Signal. If you want a group, I'll make one on Signal. It's free to download, here's the link".

Within a day, everyone was on Signal.

Hosting is a more complex matter though, hence my post.

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