I get frustrated when people say there's no excuse but to eat vegan.

I tried being vegan years ago, but spent every day of it in excruciating pain, stomach cramps that woke me up in the middle of the night, acid reflux so bad that it required prescription medication to control, gas pains that would leave me balled over in pain, and uncontrollable flatulence that was extremely embarrassing (especially at work!). Every day I took tons of pills and they only masked some of the symptoms. [1/2]

I've since been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and FODMAP sensitivity. Because of these and other reasons, I've switched to a restricted ketogenic diet.

While nothing will address all my food sensitivities, I've lost weight, gained energy, and can be in social situations again without worrying about pain or gas. It's changed my life.

Sometimes these diets aren't a matter of not caring, but of necessity.

People need to find the diet that works best for them and their body. [2/2]

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