The Russian attack on ProtonMail represents a new level of attack on Internet communication infrastructure.

The solutions? I'm thinking about technologies like Briar being used for every day communication? And maybe ActivityPub servers that live on TOR?

@emacsen any source to read more about that attack?

@pfm From what I read on Slashdot, they're forcing Russian ISPs to use BGP routes that allow for the frontend servers to be accessed but block their backend SMTP servers, so Russian users can't email Protonmail servers and visa vera.

It's insidious.

@emacsen #Briar seems like a really cool idea, but there is only an android client. What about people that don't use a smart phone?

There is no 100% guarantee that you can be fake news protected even if you use the safest possible internet connection. Everyone can lie! :doomguy:

I would like to see activityrelay with .onion and .i2p support

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